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EpiDoc XML: IGCyr0272002
Trismegistos ID: 738278

Source description

Support: White marble base with double mouldings of eggs and darts, partly chipped off (w: 0.94 × h: 0.44 × d: 0.65).

Layout: Inscribed between the mouldings.

Letters: 0.07.

Date: Ca. 250 BC (prosopography, lettering).

Findspot: Found at an unknown date at Cyrene: North Necropolis, tomb of the Mnesarchoi (tomb N 171 Cassels)

Place of origin: Findspot.

Last recorded location: Seen by L. Beschi in 1961 in Shahat: Cyrene Museum. Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from: Transcription from previous editors.


Oliverio 1933-1936, p. 117, n. 116, fig. 72, whence SEG, 9.228; IGCyr 027200 . Cf. Beschi 1970, pp. 182, 186, 204; Applebaum 1979, p. 40, n. 220, whence SEG, 29.1673; Laronde 1987, pp. 52-58, whence SEG, 38.1892; Belzic 2022, catalogue B.6.






French translation

Theukhrestos fils de Mnasarkhos.

English translation

Theuchrestos son of Mnasarchos.

Italian translation

Theuchrestos figlio di Mnasarchos.

Arabic translation

ثيوخريستوس بن مناسارخوس


Theuchrestos was a member of a prominent family, whose monumental tomb is well known.

Beschi suspected that the mourning half-figure standing upon this base was number 26 of his catalogue.

Oliverio 1933-1936, p. 116, footnote 1, explained that he could only give drawings of the bases from Mnasarchoi tomb and would publish the photographs in the next issue, but this never happened. The photograph of the view is part of a larger photograph showing the discovey of the bases, displayed in front of tomb N171, with help of Italian soldiers in 1915-1916. The photograph is kept in the archive of the Society for Libyan Studies. All bases are now kept inside the tomb in a side room with restricted access.

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