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Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica | Greek Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica


IGCyr and GVCyr can be explored following two principal ways. It is possible to browse the contents (Inscriptions and Search) or to refer to the indices (Indices). The Inscriptions table of contents offers the inscriptions arranged by number and title, whereas through the Search interface they can be browsed according to a variety of search filters or queried via textual searches. Indices display three main groups of entries attested in the texts of the inscriptions: words, names, other characters and features.

Complete data dump available at: https://doi.org/10.6092/unibo/amsacta/7796.

Filename Title
gvcyr001 Epitaph of Koison
gvcyr002 Epitaph of Arata
gvcyr003 Honours or epitaph (?)
gvcyr004 Epitaph of Archo
gvcyr005 Epitaph of Berenika
gvcyr006 Epitaph of a dog
gvcyr007 Epitaph of Stlakkie
gvcyr008 Epitaph of the first Paresia
gvcyr009 Epitaph of the second Paresia
gvcyr010 Epitaph of Theupropos
gvcyr011 Epitaph of Krispina and Sabinos
gvcyr012 Epitaph of Plauta
gvcyr013 Epitaph of Dionysis
gvcyr014 Epitaph of L. Sossios
gvcyr015 Epitaph of Myrtilos
gvcyr016 Epitaph of Tiberios Petronios Kapiton
gvcyr017 Epitaph of the gladiator Antiochas
gvcyr018 Epitaph or honours for a gladiator
gvcyr019 Epitaph of Prokla Petronia
gvcyr020 Epitaph of Lo[ukianos?]
gvcyr021 Dedication by Lysanias and others and captions
gvcyr022 Dedication to Enyalios by Eupolemos
gvcyr023 Dedication of a hecatomb by Hermesandros
gvcyr024 Dedication to the Nymphs by Mego
gvcyr025 Dedication to Isis
gvcyr026 Dedication of an image of Apollo Nomios by the nomophylakes
gvcyr027 Description of a relief and honorary dedication to the Horae
gvcyr028 Description of an image of laurel/Daphne
gvcyr029 Description of a votive relief
gvcyr030 Dedication to Apollo of his re-built temple
gvcyr031 Dedication of a wall to Apollo and Artemis
gvcyr032 Offering of a baptistery to the Lord
gvcyr033 Honours for Timagoras
gvcyr034 Honours for two young athletes
gvcyr035 List of names and honours for ephebes
gvcyr036 Honours for Markos
gvcyr037 Honours for Markiane
gvcyr038 Description of a building and offering to the Lord
gvcyr039 Defixio against Pheronika
gvcyr040 Fragmentary paean
gvcyr041 Dedication and hymn to Isis and Serapis
gvcyr042 Honours for the city of Cyrene
gvcyr043 Epitaph of Aphrodisia
gvcyr044 Fragmentary epitaph (?)
gvcyr046 Epitaph of a woman
gvcyr047 Epitaph of a man and his wife
gvcyr049 Tithe of Aiglanor for Apollo
gvcyr050 Unclear
gvcyr051 Funerary invocation
gvcyr052 Dedication to Asklepios (and others?)
gvcyr053 Perhaps epitaph
gvcyr054 Dedication of a hecatomb by Hermesandros (second edition)
gvcyr055 Caption for a relief and acclamation
gvcyr056 Unclear
gvcyr057 Probably honours
gvcyr058 Honours for a son of Markianos
gvcyr059 Funerary verse-inscription for Phileso
gvcyr060 Epitaph of Nike
gvcyr061 Unclear poetic fragment
igcyr000100 Probably epitaph
igcyr000200 Unclear
igcyr000300 Unclear
igcyr000400 Dedication
igcyr000410 Unclear
igcyr000420 Unclear
igcyr000430 Unclear
igcyr000440 Unclear
igcyr000450 Unclear
igcyr000500 Imitated artist's signature
igcyr000700 Alphabet
igcyr000800 Dedication to Opheles
igcyr000900 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr001000 Dedication to Apollo Korax
igcyr001100 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr001110 Unclear
igcyr001300 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr001400 Dedication to Zeus Eri(nymenos?) and Hermes Dolios
igcyr001500 Dedication
igcyr001600 Dedication to Artemis
igcyr001700 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr001800 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr001900 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr001910 Dedication to Kora
igcyr001920 Name of a Rhodian
igcyr001925 Name
igcyr001930 Unclear
igcyr002000 Gift
igcyr002100 Dedication to Demeter
igcyr002110 Unclear
igcyr002200 Dedication
igcyr002300 Dedication
igcyr002400 Unclear
igcyr002500 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr002600 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr002700 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr002800 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr002900 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr003000 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr003100 Dedication to Artemis (?)
igcyr003200 Tithe to Apollo
igcyr003300 Dedication to Karneios and Opheles
igcyr003400 Dedication
igcyr003500 Dedication (?)
igcyr003600 Tithe (?)
igcyr003700 Dedication (?)
igcyr003800 Dedication
igcyr003810 Unclear
igcyr003900 Dedication
igcyr003910 Tithe (?)
igcyr004000 Dedication (?)
igcyr004100 Dedication to Demeter
igcyr004200 Dedication of tithe
igcyr004300 Unclear
igcyr004310 Pederastic acclamation
igcyr004320 Unclear
igcyr004400 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr004500 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr004600 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr004700 Tithe to Apollo
igcyr004800 Tithe
igcyr004900 Tithe
igcyr005000 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr005100 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr005200 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr005300 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr005400 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr005500 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr005600 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr005700 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr005800 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr005900 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr006000 Dedication to Apollo Myrtoos
igcyr006100 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr006200 Tithe
igcyr006300 Unclear
igcyr006400 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr006500 Unclear
igcyr006700 Tithe for Apollo and private honours
igcyr006800 Perhaps list of priests of Dionysos (?)
igcyr006900 Epitaph
igcyr007000 Epitaph
igcyr007100 Epitaph
igcyr007200 Epitaph
igcyr007300 Epitaph
igcyr007400 Epitaph
igcyr007500 Epitaph
igcyr007600 Epitaph
igcyr007700 Epitaph
igcyr007800 Epitaph
igcyr007900 Epitaph
igcyr008000 Epitaph
igcyr008100 Epitaph
igcyr008200 Epitaph
igcyr008250 Epitaph
igcyr008260 Epitaph
igcyr008300 Epitaph
igcyr008400 Epitaph
igcyr008450 Name(s) (?)
igcyr008900 Dedication of an exedra as a tithe
igcyr009000 Dedication to Apollo and private honours
igcyr009100 List of names, perhaps of soldiers
igcyr009200 Dedication
igcyr009300 List of contributors
igcyr009410 Unclear
igcyr009420 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr009430 Unclear
igcyr009500 Epitaph
igcyr009600 Epitaph
igcyr009700 Epitaph
igcyr009800 Epitaph
igcyr009900 Epitaph
igcyr010000 Epitaph
igcyr010001 Offering for a deceased person
igcyr010100 Tomb protection
igcyr010200 Epitaph
igcyr010300 Private honours
igcyr010400 Epitaph
igcyr010410 Funerary mention
igcyr010430 Name
igcyr010440 Tomb protection
igcyr010500 Epitaph
igcyr010600 Epitaph
igcyr010700 Epitaph
igcyr010800 Diagramma of Ptolemy I
igcyr010900 Account of Cyrene about grain supplies
igcyr011000 Decree of Cyrene for the citizenship of the Thereans, Therean 'decree' and founders' oath
igcyr011100 Decree of Cyrene, prostagma (?), letter of Ptolemy IX Soter II and Cleopatra Selene, prostagma
igcyr011200 Document including a will of Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II
igcyr011400 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr011500 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr011600 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr011700 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr011800 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr011900 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr012000 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr012100 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr012200 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr012300 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr012400 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr012500 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr012600 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr012700 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr012800 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr012900 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr012910 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr013000 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr013100 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr013200 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr013300 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr013400 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr013500 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr013600 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr013700 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr013800 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr014000 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr014100 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr014200 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr014300 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr014400 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr014500 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr014600 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr014700 List of names
igcyr014800 List of soldiers
igcyr015100 List of soldiers
igcyr015200 Dedication and list of ephebes
igcyr015300 Honorary inscription for king Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II
igcyr015400 Honorary inscription for Cleopatra III and another member of the royal family
igcyr015500 Honorary inscription for Philon the archisomatophylax of king Ptolemy Epiphanes
igcyr015800 Honorary inscription for queen Cleopatra III
igcyr015900 Honorary inscription for king Ptolemy IX Soter II
igcyr016100 Honorary inscription for Aristoteles on occasion of the telesphoria
igcyr016200 Honorary inscription for Kallimachos on occasion of the telesphoria
igcyr016300 Private honours
igcyr016400 Tithe of Lentichos on occasion of a telesphoria
igcyr016500 Dedication on occasion of telesphoria
igcyr016600 Honorary inscription
igcyr016700 Sacred regulations
igcyr016800 Prostagma of a Ptolemy about vases with list of the vases
igcyr016900 Dedication to Asklepios
igcyr017000 Tithe for Apollo after naval victories
igcyr017100 Tithe for Apollo by five generals
igcyr017300 Dedication of a door
igcyr017400 Tithe for Apollo by Iason
igcyr017500 Dedication to Apollo by Pratomedes
igcyr017600 Private honours for Hippodamos
igcyr017700 Dedication of a tithe to Apollo
igcyr017800 Dedication of tithe to Apollo by Euphris
igcyr017900 Dedication to Apollo by Philon
igcyr018000 Double dedication to Apollo by Philon
igcyr018100 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr018200 Dedication to Apollo by Aristonymos
igcyr018500 Dedication (?) by Mnastokles
igcyr018600 Private honours for Harpalea
igcyr018700 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr018800 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr018900 Caption for statues and dedication by a priest
igcyr019000 Tithe and artist's signature
igcyr019100 Dedication to Apollo and Artemis
igcyr019300 Honours for the priestess Aristokleia
igcyr019500 Dedication to the Curete
igcyr019600 Dedication to the Cretan Curete
igcyr019700 Dedication to the nymph Cyrene
igcyr019800 Dedication to Aphrodite, Cyrene and the Curete
igcyr019900 Dedication to the gods of the agora
igcyr020000 Dedication to the gods of the agora
igcyr020100 Dedication to the gods of the agora
igcyr020400 Dedication (to Artemis?)
igcyr020600 Dedication (?)
igcyr020700 Dedication of a door to Artemis
igcyr020800 Dedication
igcyr020900 Dedication
igcyr021000 Private honours and artist's signature
igcyr021100 Dedication (?)
igcyr021600 Dedication
igcyr021700 Dedication
igcyr021800 Dedication
igcyr021900 Dedication to a goddess and to Apollo
igcyr022000 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr022100 Dedication
igcyr022200 Dedication (?)
igcyr022300 Dedication
igcyr022400 Dedication of a portal
igcyr022500 Probably epitaph
igcyr022800 Part of a name
igcyr022900 Probably private honours and artist's signature
igcyr023000 Private honours
igcyr023100 Dedication
igcyr023500 List of names
igcyr023900 Epitaph
igcyr024000 Epitaph
igcyr024100 Epitaph (?)
igcyr024200 Private honours or epitaph
igcyr024300 Epitaph
igcyr024400 Epitaph
igcyr024500 Epitaph
igcyr024600 Epitaph
igcyr024700 Epitaph
igcyr024800 Epitaph
igcyr024900 Epitaph
igcyr025000 Epitaph
igcyr025100 Epitaph
igcyr025200 Epitaph
igcyr025300 Epitaph
igcyr025400 Epitaph
igcyr025500 Epitaph
igcyr025600 Epitaph
igcyr025700 Epitaph
igcyr025800 Unfinished epitaph
igcyr025900 Epitaph
igcyr026000 Epitaph
igcyr026100 Epitaph
igcyr026200 Epitaph
igcyr026300 Epitaph
igcyr026400 Epitaph
igcyr026500 Epitaph
igcyr026600 Epitaph
igcyr026800 Epitaph
igcyr027100 Epitaph
igcyr027200 Epitaph
igcyr027300 Epitaph
igcyr027400 Epitaph
igcyr027500 Epitaph
igcyr027800 Epitaph
igcyr028700 Family epitaph
igcyr029300 Epitaph
igcyr029350 Epitaph
igcyr029400 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr029500 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr029600 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr029700 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr029800 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr029900 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr030000 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr030100 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr030200 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr030300 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr030400 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr030500 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr030700 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr030800 Road signpost ?
igcyr030900 Dedication to the Eumenides and to Zeus
igcyr031000 Dedication to Zeus
igcyr031050 Dedication to Zeus
igcyr031100 Dedication to Zeus Melichios and to the Eumenides
igcyr031200 Dedication
igcyr031300 Dedication
igcyr031400 Dedication
igcyr031500 Dedication
igcyr031600 Dedication
igcyr031700 Dedication
igcyr031800 Dedication to the Eumenides and the Heroes
igcyr031900 Dedication to the Eumenides
igcyr032000 Dedication to the Eumenides and to the Heroes
igcyr032100 Dedication to the Heroes
igcyr032200 Dedication to the Heroes
igcyr032300 Dedication to the Heroes
igcyr032400 Owner's mark
igcyr032500 Owner's mark
igcyr032600 Owner's mark
igcyr032700 Dedication to Zeus
igcyr032800 Owner's mark
igcyr032900 Unclear and composite sacred text with owners' mark
igcyr033000 Epitaph (?)
igcyr033100 List of men
igcyr033300 Dedication
igcyr033600 Dedication to Helios and Augeas
igcyr033700 Public honours for Arsinoe II
igcyr033800 Public honours for Ptolemy VIII
igcyr033900 Dedication to all gods and honours for a Cyrenaean citizen
igcyr051800 Dedication to unclear goddesses
igcyr051900 Sacred law (?)
igcyr052900 Pederastic acclamation
igcyr056200 Epitaph
igcyr056300 Epitaph
igcyr056400 Epitaphs
igcyr062100 Dedication to Zeus
igcyr062600 Dedication to Athena and another deity
igcyr062800 Fragment of an official document
igcyr062810 Decree of Cyrene
igcyr062820 Decree of Cyrene (?)
igcyr062830 Ptolemaic prostagma (?)
igcyr062840 Fragment of official document from the city or the Ptolemies
igcyr062850 Fragment of official document from the Ptolemies
igcyr062900 Private honours for Ptolemy II Philadelphus by Ariston
igcyr063000 Private honours for Ptolemy IX Soter II by Stolos
igcyr063010 Honorary inscription and artist's signature
igcyr063100 Public honours for an officer of Ptolemy IV and Arsinoe III
igcyr063200 Public honours for an officer of Ptolemy IV and Arsinoe III
igcyr063300 Public honours for an officer of Ptolemy III and Berenice II
igcyr063400 Private honours for a Ptolemaic officer with artist's signature
igcyr063500 Honours for a Ptolemaic officer
igcyr063600 Private honours and artist's signature
igcyr063700 Private honours for Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II
igcyr063800 Dedication of a horoskopion by the ephoroi
igcyr063900 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr064000 Proxeny decree of the city of Euesperides
igcyr064100 Dedication to Apollo, probably with epithet Soter
igcyr064200 Probably private honours and artist's signature
igcyr064500 Dedication by a king Ptolemy probably to Zeus Soter
igcyr064600 Dedications to the Eumenides
igcyr064800 Dedication to the Eumenides
igcyr064900 Dedications to the Eumenides, the Curete and Melichios
igcyr064910 Unclear
igcyr064920 Name
igcyr065000 Public honours for Aiglanor
igcyr065200 List of contributors
igcyr065210 List of contributors
igcyr065300 Dedication to Hermes and Heracles implying a gymnasiarchos (?)
igcyr065700 Private honours with artist's signature
igcyr065800 Private honours with artist's signature
igcyr066000 Dedication to Demeter
igcyr066100 Dedication to Demeter?
igcyr066200 Dedications
igcyr066300 Name
igcyr066500 Dedication
igcyr066900 Honorary decree for Aleximachos of Taucheira
igcyr067400 Dedication to Demeter
igcyr067500 Dedication to Demeter and Kore
igcyr068100 Unclear instrumentum
igcyr068500 Name
igcyr068600 Epitaph
igcyr071000 Tithe
igcyr071100 Private honours and dedication to Apollo
igcyr075600 Name
igcyr077100 Public honours for an unknown person and artist's signature
igcyr077600 Dedication
igcyr077700 Dedication
igcyr077800 Epitaph
igcyr077900 Epitaph
igcyr078000 Epitaph
igcyr078100 Epitaphs
igcyr078200 Epitaphs
igcyr078300 Epitaphs
igcyr078400 Epitaph
igcyr078500 Epitaph
igcyr078600 Epitaph
igcyr078700 Epitaphs
igcyr078800 Epitaph
igcyr078900 Epitaph
igcyr079000 Epitaph
igcyr079200 Unclear graffito
igcyr079600 Epitaph
igcyr080000 Epitaph
igcyr080300 Names
igcyr080500 Dedication to Apollo of the 'bench of Elaiitas'
igcyr080900 Honorary inscription for Ptolemy IX Soter II, Cleopatra Selene and their son
igcyr081100 Accounts
igcyr081200 Accounts
igcyr081400 Dedication
igcyr081500 Epitaph of Hermaios son of Agonis
igcyr081800 List of priests, possibly of Dionysos
igcyr081900 Name of an ostracised man on nine ostraka
igcyr082000 Name of an ostracised man on ostrakon
igcyr082100 Name of an ostracised man on ostrakon
igcyr082200 Name of an ostracised man on ostrakon
igcyr082300 Name
igcyr083800 Dedication
igcyr083900 Mason's mark
igcyr084000 List of military officers
igcyr084100 Epitaphs
igcyr084200 Epitaph of Deinis
igcyr084210 Picture caption
igcyr084300 Public honours for Ptolemy VI Philometor
igcyr084600 Epitaph
igcyr084700 Epitaph
igcyr084800 Epitaph
igcyr084900 Epitaph
igcyr085000 Epitaph
igcyr085100 Epitaph
igcyr085200 Epitaph
igcyr085300 Epitaph
igcyr085500 Epitaph
igcyr085600 Epitaph
igcyr085700 Epitaph
igcyr085800 Epitaph
igcyr085900 Epitaph
igcyr086000 Epitaph
igcyr086100 Epitaph
igcyr086200 Epitaph
igcyr086400 Epitaph
igcyr086500 Epitaph
igcyr086600 Epitaph
igcyr086700 Epitaph
igcyr086800 Epitaph
igcyr086900 Name
igcyr087000 Epitaph
igcyr087100 Epitaph
igcyr087200 Epitaph
igcyr087300 Epitaph
igcyr087400 Epitaph
igcyr087500 Epitaph
igcyr087600 Epitaph
igcyr087700 Epitaph
igcyr087800 Epitaph
igcyr088000 Price
igcyr088050 Name (?)
igcyr088100 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr088200 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr088300 Accounts of the damiergoi
igcyr088400 Dedication
igcyr088500 Dedication
igcyr088800 Epitaph
igcyr089000 Dedication (?)
igcyr089100 Trademark (?)
igcyr089200 Dedication (?)
igcyr089500 Name (?)
igcyr091600 Probably artist's signature
igcyr091800 Public honours
igcyr092000 Dedication to Aphrodite
igcyr092100 Epitaph
igcyr092200 Epitaph
igcyr092300 Epitaph
igcyr092900 Dedication
igcyr093200 Caption
igcyr093400 Acclamation
igcyr093500 Acclamation
igcyr093600 Epitaph (?)
igcyr094200 Honours
igcyr094400 List of military officers
igcyr094500 Epitaph
igcyr094600 Perhaps list of ephebes
igcyr094700 Names
igcyr094800 List of names, probably of priests
igcyr094900 Perhaps list of ephebes
igcyr095100 Perhaps a list of ephebes
igcyr095110 Names
igcyr095150 Dedication by a priestess of Artemis
igcyr095200 Dedication
igcyr095300 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr095400 Tithe
igcyr095500 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr095600 Tithe
igcyr095610 Tithe
igcyr095700 Dedication (tithe?)
igcyr095800 Tithe
igcyr095900 Tithe
igcyr096000 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr096100 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr096200 Dedication to the Muses and the Nymphs
igcyr096300 Dedication
igcyr096400 Private honours for several persons
igcyr096500 Name
igcyr096600 Dedication, possibly to Hestia
igcyr096650 Name (?)
igcyr096660 Private honours (?)
igcyr096700 List of priests
igcyr096800 Dedication of a door
igcyr096950 Names
igcyr096960 Epitaph
igcyr097000 Epitaph
igcyr097050 Epitaph
igcyr097100 Report and accounts of extinguishing reprisals rights against Cyrenaeans
igcyr097150 Fragment of an official document
igcyr097160 Unclear
igcyr097170 Part of a list of contributors
igcyr097300 List of foreigners
igcyr097350 List of names (?)
igcyr097400 Honorary inscription for Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II
igcyr097500 Private honours
igcyr097600 Heading of an official document, possibly a letter
igcyr097700 Dedication
igcyr097850 Dedication (?)
igcyr097900 Private honours and dedication
igcyr098000 Dedication
igcyr098100 Dedication
igcyr098200 Dedication of the Propylaeum
igcyr098300 Dedication
igcyr098400 Dedication
igcyr098500 Dedication of the Strategeion
igcyr098600 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr098650 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr098660 Tithe
igcyr098700 Tithe
igcyr098800 Tithe to Apollo
igcyr098900 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr099000 Private honours and tithe for Apollo
igcyr099100 Tithe
igcyr099200 Dedication on occasion of a telesphoria
igcyr099300 Dedication on occasion of the telesphoria of Artemis
igcyr099400 Dedication on occasion of a telesphoria
igcyr099500 Dedication to Apollo and Artemis
igcyr099600 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr099700 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr099800 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr100000 Dedication to Zeus Soter and other gods
igcyr100100 Probably sacred regulations
igcyr100200 Sacred regulations
igcyr100300 Sign with sacred regulation
igcyr100400 Probably sacred regulations
igcyr100700 Dedication to Hermes and Heracles
igcyr100900 Dedication
igcyr101000 Epitaph
igcyr101100 Dedication to Athena
igcyr101200 Name (unfinished).
igcyr101300 Name
igcyr101400 Epitaph
igcyr101500 Probably dedication
igcyr101600 Private honours
igcyr101700 Probably private honours
igcyr101800 Private honours
igcyr102000 Private honours
igcyr102100 Private honours
igcyr102110 Epitaph
igcyr102300 Epitaph
igcyr102400 Epitaph
igcyr102500 Private honours for king Ptolemy IX Soter II
igcyr102600 Epitaph (?)
igcyr102700 Dedication by paidonomoi
igcyr102800 Dedication to Apollo, Panakeia and Aphrodite
igcyr102810 Dedication to Apollo, Aphrodite, Hekata
igcyr102820 Dedication to Cyrene (?) and Aphrodite
igcyr102900 Dedication to Hekate
igcyr102920 Dedication to Hekate
igcyr103000 Dedication to Hekate and Aphrodite
igcyr103100 Dedication to Hekate and another deity
igcyr103110 Dedication
igcyr103120 Dedication
igcyr103200 Dedication to Zeus
igcyr103210 Dedication
igcyr103300 Dedication to the Curete
igcyr103310 Dedication to Cyrene
igcyr103315 Dedication to the Curete
igcyr103320 Dedication to Panakeia
igcyr103330 Dedication to Panakeia
igcyr103400 Dedication to Paean
igcyr103410 Dedication to the Curete
igcyr103420 Dedication to an unknown deity
igcyr103430 Probably Dedication, probably to Zeus and Apollo
igcyr103440 Possibly dedication to an unknown deity
igcyr103500 Probably list of military officers
igcyr103600 Private honours (?)
igcyr103800 List of ephebes (?)
igcyr103900 List of ephebes
igcyr104000 Dedication and list of ephebes
igcyr104100 Public honours for Aiglanor
igcyr104200 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr104300 Dedication for Apollo
igcyr104400 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr104500 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr104600 Tithe on occasion of telesphoria
igcyr104700 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr104710 Dedication to a god Soter
igcyr104800 Private honours for Theudoros
igcyr104900 Private honours for Charitimos
igcyr105000 Names
igcyr105100 Epitaph
igcyr105110 Probably epitaph
igcyr105200 Epitaph
igcyr105300 Private honours (?)
igcyr105400 Epitaph
igcyr105500 Epitaph
igcyr105510 Dedication of a statue or epitaph
igcyr105600 Epitaph
igcyr105700 Epitaph
igcyr105710 Private honours for Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II
igcyr105800 Epitaph
igcyr105900 Epitaph
igcyr106000 Private honours
igcyr106100 Dedication or perhaps epitaph
igcyr106200 Epitaph
igcyr106300 Probably dedication
igcyr106400 Epitaph
igcyr106600 Epitaph
igcyr106610 Plausibly an epitaph
igcyr106620 Name
igcyr106630 Honours for Kleugenes
igcyr106700 Epitaph
igcyr106800 Epitaph
igcyr106900 Epitaph
igcyr106950 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr107000 List of priests of Zeus Soter (?)
igcyr107150 Account of the damiergoi
igcyr107160 Public honours for Ptolemy IX Soter II and Cleopatra IV or Cleopatra Selene
igcyr107200 Private honours (?) and tithe (?)
igcyr107260 Probably dedication
igcyr107270 Unclear
igcyr107300 Honours
igcyr107350 Road signpost?
igcyr107500 Dedication to Demeter
igcyr107600 Dedication, plausibly to Demeter and Kore
igcyr107710 Probably dedication to Kore
igcyr107720 Unclear
igcyr107800 Tithe
igcyr107900 Tithe
igcyr108000 Tithe
igcyr108100 Tithe
igcyr108200 Tithe
igcyr108300 Tithe (?) or trademark (?)
igcyr108400 Dedication to Ammon and artist's signature
igcyr108500 Dedication on occasion of a telesphoria
igcyr108600 Dedication by generals
igcyr108700 Dedication by a priest
igcyr108900 Private honours for a grandson
igcyr109000 Probably list of soldiers
igcyr109100 Unclear
igcyr109200 Sacred law
igcyr109300 List of priests, perhaps of Ammon
igcyr109400 Sacred regulations (?)
igcyr109500 Name(s)
igcyr109600 Unclear
igcyr109610 Dedication (?)
igcyr109700 Caption
igcyr109800 Dedication or name
igcyr109900 Private honours
igcyr110000 Dedication of a fountain
igcyr110100 Dedication to the Dioscuri
igcyr110200 Dedication
igcyr110300 Dedication
igcyr110400 Dedication
igcyr110500 Dedication
igcyr110600 Dedication
igcyr110700 Dedication
igcyr110800 Dedication (?)
igcyr110900 Dedication
igcyr111000 Dedication
igcyr111100 Dedication
igcyr111200 Owner's mark
igcyr111250 Owner's mark
igcyr111300 Caption
igcyr111310 Caption
igcyr111320 Caption
igcyr111330 Caption
igcyr111340 Caption
igcyr111350 Caption
igcyr111360 Caption
igcyr111370 Caption
igcyr111380 Caption
igcyr111390 Caption
igcyr111395 Caption
igcyr111400 Unclear
igcyr111500 Unclear
igcyr111600 Unclear
igcyr111700 Unclear
igcyr111800 Dedication (?)
igcyr111900 Name (?)
igcyr112000 Unclear
igcyr112100 Unclear
igcyr112200 Dedication (?)
igcyr112300 Unclear
igcyr112400 Unclear
igcyr112500 Dedication (?)
igcyr112600 Name
igcyr112660 Trademark
igcyr112700 Unclear
igcyr112900 Caption
igcyr113000 Name, perhaps dedication
igcyr113100 Unclear
igcyr113200 Unclear
igcyr113300 Name, probably dedication
igcyr113400 Name (?), perhaps dedication
igcyr113401 Unclear
igcyr113402 Probably trademark
igcyr113403 Trademark
igcyr113404 Unclear
igcyr113405 Trademark
igcyr113406 Trademark
igcyr113407 Unclear
igcyr113408 Unclear
igcyr113409 Unclear
igcyr113410 Unclear
igcyr113411 Unclear
igcyr113500 Name, perhaps a dedication
igcyr113600 Name (?)
igcyr113700 Unclear
igcyr113701 Unclear
igcyr113800 Dedication to Dionysos
igcyr113900 Caption
igcyr114000 Dedication to the Eumenides
igcyr114100 Unclear
igcyr114200 Unclear
igcyr114300 Epitaph
igcyr114500 List of men, perhaps heads of an association
igcyr114600 Epitaph
igcyr114700 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr114800 Dedication
igcyr114900 Dedication to the Theoi Apotropaioi
igcyr115000 List of priests of an unknown deity
igcyr115100 Names, perhaps dedications
igcyr115200 Name, perhaps dedication
igcyr115300 Name, perhaps dedication
igcyr115400 Name, perhaps dedication
igcyr115500 Name, perhaps dedication
igcyr115600 Name, perhaps dedication
igcyr115800 Names, perhaps dedication
igcyr115900 Name, probably dedication
igcyr116000 Name and probably dedication
igcyr116100 Pederastic acclamation
igcyr116400 Names
igcyr116500 Unclear
igcyr116600 Dedication to Demeter
igcyr116700 Dedication to Demeter and Kore
igcyr116800 Unclear
igcyr117000 Epitaph
igcyr117100 Epitaph
igcyr117200 Private honours (?)
igcyr117300 Dedication
igcyr117400 Unclear
igcyr117500 Dedication
igcyr117600 Unclear
igcyr117700 Epitaph
igcyr117800 Names of ephebes
igcyr117900 Name of an ephebe
igcyr118000 Unclear
igcyr118100 Unclear
igcyr118200 Tithe
igcyr118300 Dedication
igcyr118400 Dedication
igcyr118500 Tithe
igcyr118600 Dedication
igcyr118700 Epitaph
igcyr118710 Epitaph
igcyr118720 Epitaph
igcyr118800 Epitaph
igcyr118900 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr119100 Probably dedication
igcyr119200 Tithe (?)
igcyr119300 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr119400 Unclear
igcyr119500 Unclear
igcyr119600 Tithe
igcyr119700 Unclear
igcyr119800 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr119900 Unclear
igcyr120000 Dedication
igcyr120100 Unclear
igcyr120200 Unclear
igcyr120300 Dedication
igcyr120400 Dedication to Hermes
igcyr120500 Name
igcyr120600 Tithe
igcyr120700 Epitaph
igcyr120800 Epitaph
igcyr120900 Epitaph
igcyr121000 Epitaph
igcyr121100 Epitaph
igcyr121200 Epitaph
igcyr121300 Epitaph
igcyr121400 Epitaph
igcyr121500 Perhaps epitaph
igcyr121600 Epitaph
igcyr121700 Epitaph
igcyr121800 Epitaph
igcyr121900 Epitaph
igcyr122000 Epitaph
igcyr122100 Epitaph
igcyr122200 Epitaph
igcyr122300 Epitaph
igcyr122400 Epitaph
igcyr122500 Epitaph
igcyr122600 Epitaph
igcyr122700 Epitaph
igcyr122800 Epitaph
igcyr122900 Epitaph
igcyr123000 Epitaph
igcyr123100 Epitaph
igcyr123200 Epitaph
igcyr123300 Epitaph
igcyr123400 Epitaphs
igcyr123500 Honours
igcyr123600 Tithe
igcyr123700 Epitaph
igcyr123800 Unclear
igcyr123900 Epitaph
igcyr124000 Epitaph
igcyr124100 Probably private honours
igcyr124200 Epitaph (?)
igcyr124300 Unclear
igcyr124400 Dedication
igcyr124500 Dedication
igcyr124600 Tithe
igcyr124700 Names of unclear purpose
igcyr124800 Possibly dedication to Apollo
igcyr124900 Names
igcyr125000 Names
igcyr125100 Probably honours
igcyr125200 Unclear
igcyr125300 Unclear
igcyr125400 Unclear
igcyr125500 Perhaps fragmentary law or decree of Cyrene
igcyr125600 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr125700 Dedication of tithe and artist's signature
igcyr125800 Names
igcyr125900 Name
igcyr126000 Names of unclear destination
igcyr126100 Name
igcyr126200 Names
igcyr126500 Names
igcyr126600 Private honours after a telesphoria
igcyr126700 Dedication and list of ephebes
igcyr126800 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr126900 Name of unknown purpose
igcyr127000 Names
igcyr127100 Names
igcyr127200 Name
igcyr127300 Unclear
igcyr127400 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr127500 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr127600 Dedication to Apollo (?)
igcyr127700 Names
igcyr127800 Dedication
igcyr127900 Unclear
igcyr128000 Names of unknown purpose
igcyr128100 Private honours
igcyr128200 Epitaph or honours (?)
igcyr128300 Dedication, perhaps of public honours (?)
igcyr128500 List of names
igcyr128600 Perhaps dedication, possibly of the tithe
igcyr128700 Dedication or private honours
igcyr128800 Unclear
igcyr129100 Name
igcyr129200 Unclear
igcyr129300 Names
igcyr129400 Dedication
igcyr129500 Private honours
igcyr129600 List of priests
igcyr129700 Name
igcyr129800 Dedication
igcyr129900 Names
igcyr130000 Unclear
igcyr130100 Honours (?)
igcyr130200 Dedication related with the telesphoria
igcyr130300 Honours and dedication
igcyr130400 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr130500 Tithe
igcyr130600 Perhaps honours
igcyr130700 Tithe
igcyr130800 Names
igcyr130900 Probably a list of priests
igcyr131000 List of names
igcyr131100 Private honours
igcyr131200 List of names
igcyr131300 Unclear
igcyr131400 Royal letters (?)
igcyr131500 List of names
igcyr131600 Name
igcyr131700 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr131800 Names
igcyr131900 Tithe for Apollo
igcyr132000 Dedication of a telesterion ?
igcyr132100 Epitaph (?)
igcyr132200 Epitaph
igcyr132300 Name
igcyr132400 Names
igcyr132500 Royal letter by a Ptolemy (?)
igcyr132600 Dedication by a Ptolemaic officer
igcyr132700 List of names
igcyr132800 Epitaph
igcyr132900 Epitaph
igcyr133000 Epitaph of a Cretan
igcyr133100 Name
igcyr133200 Unclear
igcyr133300 Dedication to Zeus and the Eumenides
igcyr133400 Dedication to Melichios and one Eumenide
igcyr133500 Dedication to the Eumenides and perhaps Zeus
igcyr133600 Dedication to the Eumenides and Zeus
igcyr133700 Dedication to the Eumenides or caption (?)
igcyr133800 Dedication
igcyr133900 Name, probably dedication
igcyr134000 Dedication to the Eumenides
igcyr134100 Name (?)
igcyr134200 Dedication to the Eumenides
igcyr134300 Dedication (?) to Melichios and name
igcyr134400 Name (?)
igcyr134500 Names, perhaps dedication
igcyr134600 Unclear
igcyr134700 Dedication to the Nikai (?)
igcyr134800 Unclear
igcyr134900 Caption
igcyr135000 Epitaph
igcyr135100 Epitaph
igcyr135200 Probably dedication
igcyr135300 Name
igcyr135400 Epitaph
igcyr135500 Caption on a funerary statue
igcyr135600 Epitaph
igcyr135700 Epitaph
igcyr135800 List of names with mention of ephori (?)
igcyr135900 Epitaph
igcyr136000 Epitaph
igcyr136100 Names
igcyr136200 Dedication (?)
igcyr136300 Names
igcyr136400 Name
igcyr136500 Perhaps honorary decree, fragmentary
igcyr136600 Dedication to Apollo
igcyr136700 Unclear
igcyr136800 Names
igcyr136900 Unclear account
igcyr137000 Names
igcyr137100 Dedication of tithe to Apollo.
igcyr137200 Probably tithe
igcyr137300 Fragmentary dedication
igcyr137400 Unclear
igcyr137500 Fragmentary list of ephebes
igcyr137600 Name
igcyr137700 Names
igcyr137800 Names
igcyr137900 Probably tithe
igcyr138000 Unclear
igcyr138100 List of names
igcyr138200 Names
igcyr138300 Perhaps list of ephebes
igcyr138400 Names
igcyr138500 Names
igcyr138600 Perhaps fragmentary decree
igcyr138700 Name
igcyr138800 Epitaph
igcyr138900 Epitaph
igcyr139000 Epitaph
igcyr139100 List of names
igcyr139200 Epitaph
igcyr139300 Epitaph
igcyr139400 Epitaph
igcyr139500 Honours for the Syracusan Kleupatra