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Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica | Greek Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica


  • Square brackets [ ] indicate that the numeral is partially or completely restored in this inscription.

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Numeral Type References
Δ|| Acrophonic
Η Acrophonic
μ Acrophonic
μα Acrophonic
α Alphabetic
β Alphabetic
βν Alphabetic
γ Alphabetic
γξ Alphabetic
δ Alphabetic
ε Alphabetic
ζ Alphabetic
η Alphabetic
θ Alphabetic
ι Alphabetic
ιβ Alphabetic
ιδ Alphabetic
ιε Alphabetic
ιϛ Alphabetic
κ Alphabetic
κδ Alphabetic
κθ Alphabetic
λ Alphabetic
λβ Alphabetic
λγ Alphabetic
λθ Alphabetic
μ Alphabetic
μα Alphabetic
με Alphabetic
ν Alphabetic
ξ Alphabetic
ξε Alphabetic
ξζ Alphabetic
ο Alphabetic
π Alphabetic
ρ Alphabetic
ρθ Alphabetic
ρλ Alphabetic
ρλγ Alphabetic
ρλη Alphabetic
ρλθ Alphabetic
ρμ Alphabetic
ρμε Alphabetic
σ Alphabetic
σδ Alphabetic
σλδ Alphabetic
σν Alphabetic
σπβ Alphabetic
τ Alphabetic
το Alphabetic
τϙ Alphabetic
υ Alphabetic
υν Alphabetic
φ Alphabetic
χ Alphabetic
ψν Alphabetic
ω Alphabetic
ϙ Alphabetic
ϛ Alphabetic
Ϡ Alphabetic
Ϡα Alphabetic
Ϡβ Alphabetic
Ϡγ Alphabetic
Ϡδ Alphabetic
Ϡζ Alphabetic
Ϡφ Alphabetic
ϡ Alphabetic
ϡα Alphabetic
ϡβ Alphabetic
ϡδ Alphabetic
ϡε Alphabetic
> Cyrenean
Δ Cyrenean
Ζ Cyrenean
Ι Cyrenean
Π Cyrenean
Χ Cyrenean
𐅃 Cyrenean
𐅝 Cyrenean
𐅠 Cyrenean
𐅵 Papyrologic
𐅵- Papyrologic