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Epigraphic conventions

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Text Mini-apparatus Meaning
Direction of text (right to left)
Direction of text (left to right)
αβ|γδ To mark a point in the text at which the support changes: a block/fragment ends and another begins (no linebreak)
side a To mark the different sides on which the same inscription is cut
ΑΒΓ Clear but incomprehensible letters
α̣β̣ Ambiguous characters outside their context
α α vel β Characters with alternatives offered
〚αβ〛 Erased but legible text
〚[αβ]〛 Erased and illegible text, but restored
〚[..]〛 Erased and lost characters: quantity known (the number of dots indicates number of lost characters)
〚[c. 3 - 4]〛 Erased and lost characters: range of possible extent
〚[- - -]〛 Erased and lost characters, quantity unknown
〚[- - -]〛 Erased and lost line(s)
α«β» β ancient correction Ancient correction, old text lost
α«β» ancient correction from γ Text struck over erasure
`αβ´ Text addition by ancient hand
++ Vestiges of letters visible but illegible: quantity known
[- - -] Illegible/Lost characters: quantity unknown
[c. 8] or [c. 5 - 7] Illegible/Lost characters: quantity approximate or range of possible extent
[- - - - - -] Illegible/Lost lines: quantity known
- - - - - - Illegible/Lost lines: quantity unknown
- - - ca. 2 - - - Illegible/Lost lines: quantity approximate
[- - - - - - ?] Possibly illegible/lost line
- - - - - - ? Possibly illegible/lost lines: quantity unknown
[...] Lost characters: quantity known
[-min.2-] Lost characters: minimum extent
[-max.2-] Lost characters: maximum extent
[..?] Characters possibly lost: the number of dots indicates number of possibly lost characters
[- - -?] Characters possibly lost, number unknown
[˘ ˘ ˉ] Lost characters: metre reconstructed
[---min.2---] Lost lines: minimum extent
[---max.2---] Lost lines: maximum extent
(vac. 3) Vacat (unit character, horizontal space left on stone)
(vac. 1 line) Vacat (unit line, vertical space left on stone)
(vac.) Vacat, extent unknown
(vac. 3?) Vacat (unit character, quantity approximate, horizontal space left on stone)
vac. (?) Vacat possibly left on stone
(hand 2) Change in scribe or hand
<---> Text not completed by stonecutter
αβγ superscript Raised letters
((ϙ)) Inverted letters
((ρ)) Rotated letters
αβ Ligatured letters
[αβ] Characters lost but restored
[αβ?] Characters restored tentatively
ἑτα[ῖρ-] Word incompletely restored
αβ Text visible to previous editors but now lost
[αβ] Text restored by comparison with parallel copy
{αβ} Superfluous letters; suppressed by editor
<αβ> Omitted letters; added by editor
⌈αβ⌉ lapis γ (sic) Erroneous letters; corrected by editor
⌈ἐκ⌉ reg, lapis γ Word regularized by editor
α(βγ) Abbreviation fully expanded
α(βγ?) Abbreviation uncertainly expanded
α(βγ-) Abbreviation partially expanded
α(- - -) Abbreviation, expansion unknown
(ἔτους) Expansion of symbol
(abc) Subaudible word supplied by editor in the translations
(i.e. abc) Breviatio explained by editor
(abc) Editor's note
ρμα´ Alphabetic numbers