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Inscriptions of Greek Cyrenaica | Greek Verse Inscriptions of Cyrenaica

Map of Cyrenaica

This map, taken from OpenStreetMap, gives an insight of whole Cyrenaica with the main settlements and the findspots of inscriptions with their respective number (but for inscriptions found in places not precisely located: for a complete survey, see at Indices > Findspots). Extracts of the map with OpenStreetMap location and DARE (Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire) location taken from Pleiades may be seen at the page of each inscription, where more precise locations are provided through links to the website ‘Heritage Gazetteer of Libya’, developed by the Society for Libyan Studies (now British Institute for Libyan and Northern African Studies), which itself includes informations about single cities and monumental sites gathered from Pleiades, Barrington Atlas, Ph. Kenrick’s Cyrenaica. Libya Archaeological Guides and other resources.