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Epitaph of Deinis

EpiDoc XML: IGCyr0842002
Trismegistos ID: 738396

Source description

Support: Two adjacent fragments of a white marble base with plain mouldings, broken at top; rough at the back; (with mouldings w: 0.89 × h: 0.32; without mouldings w: 0.815 × h: 0.132).

Layout: Inscribed on the face between the mouldings.

Letters: 0.02-0.032, well cut letters; epsilon with short middle stroke, omicron smaller than the other letters, four-strokes sigma, open omega.

Date: Ca. 250 BC (lettering).

Findspot: Found in 1972 at Cyrene: South Necropolis, tomb S381A Cassels, in the small atrium leading to the funerary rooms.

Place of origin: Findspot.

Last recorded location: Seen in 1972 by Gasperini in situ, in the South Necropolis. Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from: Transcription from previous editor.


Bacchielli 1996, p. 28, whence SEG, 46.2210; IGCyr 084200 .

Cf. Gasperini 1998, pp. 277-279 (=Gasperini – Arnaldi – Marengo 2008, p. 418) and Dobias-Lalou, BE, 1999.622; Belzic 2022, catalogue B.31.



Δεῖνις Εὐρυφῶνος



French translation

Deinis fils d'Euryphon.

English translation

Deinis son of Euryphon.

Italian translation

Deinis figlio di Euryphon.


The base should have supported a half-statue of the funerary goddess.

For the tomb, see Thorn 2006, p. 342 and fig. 217.

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