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EpiDoc XML: IGCyr0842102
Trismegistos ID: 738397

Source description

Support: White plaster covering wall of a rock-cut tomb; near the faint traces of a figure (dimensions unknown).

Layout: Painted in black.

Letters: 0.025 to 0.055, cursive capitals, alpha with projecting right hasta and bar missing, oblong theta with oblique bar.

Date: Probably end of second or beginning of first century BC (lettering).

Findspot: Found at the latest in 1972 at Cyrene: South Necropolis, tomb S 381A, in the small atrium leading to the funerary rooms.

Place of origin: Findspot.

Last recorded location: Seen by L. Gasperini in 1972 in situ, in the South Necropolis. Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from: Transcription from previous editor.


Bacchielli 1996, p. 28, whence SEG, 46.2210, B; IGCyr 084210 . Cf. Gasperini 1998, pp. 277-279 (=Gasperini – Arnaldi – Marengo 2008, pp. 416-418).






French translation

Thanatos (i.e. la Mort).

English translation

Thanatos (i.e. Death).

Italian translation

Thanatos (i.e. la Morte).


The inscription mentions the genie of death, which was probably the figure painted next to it.

For the tomb, see Thorn 2006, p. 342 and fig. 217.

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