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Public honours for Ptolemy VI Philometor

EpiDoc XML: IGCyr0843002
Trismegistos ID: 738398

Source description

Support: Left part of a limestone block, probably belonging to the same monument as IGCyr0337002 and IGCyr0338002, reused in Roman times (w: 0.56 × h: 0.37 × d: not available).

Layout: Inscribed on the face; lines centered along vertical axis.

Letters: 0.045; carefully cut, similar to IGCyr0338002, especially alpha, pi, eta and phi.

Date: Between 168 and 164 BC (reign).

Findspot: Found between 1935 and 1942 at Ptolemais: re-used in rostra at Square of the Cisterns.

Place of origin: Ptolemais.

Last recorded location: Seen by A. Laronde between 1974 and 1990 at the place of re-use. Seen by G. Paci in 1981 at the place of re-use in the Square of the Cisterns. Not seen by IGCyr team.

Text constituted from: Transcription from previous editors.


Paci 1996 (ph.), whence SEG, 46.2214; Criscuolo 2001, whence SEG, 51.2213; IGCyr 084300 . Cf. Caputo 1954, p. 66, footnote 7.



Βασιλέα Πτο[λεμαῖον θεὸν]
Φιλομήτορα τ[ὸν Πτολεμαίου]
καὶ Κλεοπάτρας [θεῶν Ἐπιφανῶν]
(vac. 7) ἡ πόλις [(vac. 7)]




2: Φιλομήτορα τ[ὸν Πτολεμαίου] Criscuolo 2001: Φιλομήτορα Π[τολεμαίου] Paci 1996

3: [θεῶν Ἐπιφανῶν] Criscuolo 2001: [ἀδελφόν] Paci 1996

French translation

(scil. La statue) du roi Ptolémée, Dieu Philomètôr, fils de Ptolémée et Cléopatre, Dieux Epiphanes, (scil. a été consacrée), par la cité.

English translation

(scil. The statue) of king Ptolemy, God Philometor, son of Ptolemy and Cleopatra, Gods Epiphaneis (scil. was dedicated)by the city.

Italian translation

(scil. La statua) del re Tolemeo, Dio Filometore, figlio di Tolemeo e Cleopatra, Dèi Epifani (scil. è stata dedicata) dalla città.


There are at Ptolemais three similar bases for members of the Lagid family (IGCyr0337002, IGCyr0338002 and this one), which were re-used in a same Roman monument, that seems to lay upon the foundations of a Hellenistic monumental base to which they probably belonged, perhaps along with a fourth one, now lost. The Roman Square of the Cisterns may have been formerly either the gymnasium (Stucchi 1975, pp. 128, 130) or the agora (Laronde 1987, p. 398).

This base was first thought to mention king Ptolemy VIII Physcon; Criscuolo 2001 has shown that it was dedicated to Ptolemy VI Philometor, while IGCyr0338002 honoured his younger brother Ptolemy VIII, associated as king with Ptolemy VI and their sister Cleopatra.

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